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Friday, October 30, 2015

Putting a wrap on October

Hello again readers and welcome back! For us, October consisted of a lot of traveling giving presentations about the Live Response Collection at BSides Raleigh, Anne Arundel Community College, WomenEtc. (Richmond, Virginia), and the Open Source Digital Forensics Conference (OSDFCON). I just posted the presentation that I gave at OSDFCon on slideshare, if you would like to view the slides!

NOTE: I made some slight variations on the presentation at each venue, so if you attended one (or more!) of my talks you will notice that the slides are similar, but may not be exactly what you saw. 

All of the events that I spoke at were great, but I was most impressed with OSDFCon this year. There was an incredible lineup of speakers at the event and the venue and presentation was fantastic (And thanks again goes out to Ali for all of her hard work, mainly behind the scenes, to ensure the event went smoothly!). There were quite a few students and other new entrants into the DFIR community at this years event, which is always great to see. Hopefully that trend continues, as there is not a single person within the DFIR community who has gotten to where they are today without the help, collaboration, and communication of others!

Not to give away any spoilers, but I am working on some exciting updates for the Live Response Collection, primarily on the OSX side, that I hope to have out before the end of the year. I am always looking for anyone who can devote any time or resources for beta testing, so if you want to help please do not hesitate to reach out!

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