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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Many small updates to the Windows Live Response collection

Good morning readers! Over the past few days I have had a little bit of free time, which I used to update several of the applications contained within the Windows Live Response collection.  cports, LastActivityView, md5deep, nmap, and PEStudio all were updated. I ended up removing both "full" versions of FTK Imager and just kept FTK Imager Lite as I felt having three FTK Imager options to choose from was a bit much. I also updated WinAudit to 3.0.8, but retained 2.2.9 just in case anyone had used that extensively and had written parser(s) for the data it presented. I also added an Excel spreadsheet in the Windows collection that lists the tool, the date uploaded, and the original website where the tool came from. - download here 

MD5: fb53258f180407a836ae9bcd1e4d757d
SHA256: 6e37189598f3d67458ef98605dca916941a12d4c9c73db102c58782ad05fb3b
Updated: April 11, 2019

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